A little chat with a sensitive monster cyclone

Dear TC Winston, thanks for having changed your track –again.

You are the most inconsistent entity I’ve seen since Sarkozy, when he declared he was

Winston’s track, when I wrote the draft last night

back in politics to save France after he said he’d be out of politics forever if he was not elected for a second term as President of the French Republic. Yes Winston, your eyes are reading it right: I am comparing you to the most annoying, pretentious and BS-prone French President ever. As much as I’d like to blame his dangerously stupid person on being human and therefore imperfect (especially given his obvious Napoleon complex of the short guy who wants to be bigger than real life), in your case, I can’t find any excuse for you.

Wait, what? Did I hear “climate change”?

Are you insinuating that you were forced to change your track again (!), that it is not just because you wanted to be bigger and more damaging? That, seriously, I could understand. A Category 2 cyclone that goes around half of the South Pacific and doesn’t even kill one or two humans, or destroy for large areas of cultivated land for years to come? That’s a lame outcome. Growing to Category 4 and backtracking, but missing Vava’u anyway, that must have made you angry, so you went ahead to hit Fiji –real bad, too. You nasty attention seeker.

So now, you’re trying to make me believe that you’re not such an evil little cyclone eager for attention, but that global warming made you do it. Are you suggesting that (human) world leaders that don’t give a rat’s ass about environment unless it’s profitable are to be blamed for the likes of you? Are you seriously implying that people are the cause of the degradation of the planet we live on, including some who even go as far as to claim there is no such thing as global warming, sea level rising or massive, sudden changes in the global climate?

Are you also implying that it’s not your fault if you’re hitting low-lying island nations that contribute nearly not at all to the global problem, and that there is nothing you can do to give a clout to the highest contributing countries, such as the USA or China? Are you saying that there is no justice in this world and that a snow storm is all they’ll get –and droughts, and fires, which they will be whining for a while until it’s “all fixed”? While meanwhile they will “pray” for the poor people in the developing countries who can’t even afford dryers and have to dry their clothes on lines outside their homes (gross!*), who can only hope that the cyclones will not blow their chickens away, or their roofs.

Blindness, contempt and hypocrisy

Because they probably think that a little prayer or big thought will “fix it” and that really, these Pacific Islanders (*sarcasm alert*) must be really dumb to live on their little islands that “sink” so easily, to want to preserve their “primitive” cultures and way of life and that they’d probably be better off in the big countries that matter, making a living with their dances in exotic shows. As long as they don’t invade their own little rich country. As long as they shut up about the irremediable effects on their home resulting from rich countries’ absence of environmental consciousness.

OK Winston, I hear you. It’s not your fault. But please be gentle and “miss” Fiji like you missed us in Tonga. A few broken trees, that’s all right. But please don’t ruin their lands and fresh water reserves with salt water; please don’t destroy their schools and growing crops. Please don’t make us Pacific island people and ecosystems victims of those who think politics should be a reflection of the share market/ the voters market without a care for sustainability.

Please, don’t let people like Sarkozy (and he’s far from the worst of them on this regards) rule over our lives and that of planet Earth.

PS: Congratulation Winston! You’ve finally made it to the BBC and CNN after you killed a man (at least). Perhaps that’s really the only way to attract the attention of the people in the developed countries –and have you’ve changed track AGAIN, they may have to see that they, along with their mates in the BRICS, have created a monster**.

PPS: yeah, I hear you polluting countries: a little international aid and it will all be “fixed”. Or not.

*An American I trust informed me that hanging your clothes outside was illegal in (large) parts of the USA. Because it’s not “pretty” and therefore could drag down the price of properties in the neighbourhood. Yeah, right.

**link to a NZ online newspaper, that can’t be blamed for the European and North American silence.


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